Important Computer Protection Advice For CAD Drafters |

Important Computer Protection Advice For CAD Drafters

Computer Protection AdviceWhen you work in computer-aided design (CAD) you will, obviously, be using computers heavily throughout the day. It would be disastrous if something were to happen as you could easily lose a huge amount of important data and work and struggle to recover it. Additionally, cybercrime is a huge problem in the business world, and you will certainly not want to lose important business or customer data to a cybercriminal. Therefore, if you work in CAD then you need to know how to protect yourself so that you can work on your designs with confidence each day knowing that you are fully protected.

Password Protection

All of your accounts should be password protected and you should use random, complex passwords for each account. These can then be managed with a password manager which uses one master password to gain access.

Two-step Verification

Following this, two-step verification is smart because it is a quick and easy way to add another layer of security to your accounts. This simply involves having another way to protect your account after the password, such as a security key or a code which is sent to the phone registered to the account.

Antivirus Software

There are lots of dangerous new viruses and other threats being developed which means that you need to have high-quality and up to date antivirus software in place. Schedule regular scans and make sure that you know how to use your computer safely to avoid falling victim to common scams.


When you work in CAD, you will find that designers often use various different devices in different locations. While this brings many benefits, there are risks attached to this, particularly if they work using public Wi-Fi. A VPN can create a safe connection to another network over the internet which could stop hackers and allow for the safe usage of devices.

Back Up Data Externally & To The Cloud

It is smart practice to immediately back up any important data to an external device and the cloud. You certainly do not want to lose important files which you have been working on for weeks, and it is quick and easy to back up data once you make it part of your routine.

Recovering Lost Or Damaged Data

If you do lose or damage data for one reason or another, do not panic as there may still be a solution. There are data recovery services available which use advanced Cleanroom technology to recover data which was lost or damaged. This can be immensely valuable for businesses as it can save both time and money.

Everyone who works in CAD needs to think about how they can keep their important data safe. There are many threats, risks, and cybercriminals in today’s day and age and they will often target businesses because of the valuable data that is stored on computers. Fortunately, there are lots of effective ways to protect yourself, your business and your data with the above being just a few of the most effective methods.

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