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User Rating 4.25 (8 votes)
Pros: The old-school trackball on the Logitech M570 is useful for precise cursor control and stress reliever, which are crucial for CAD-related work. The wireless works up to 30 feet providing the needed flexibility.
Cons: Users of this mouse have said the scroll wheel has a mechanical feeling and thus is not smooth. In addition, the mouse has a lack of buttons for customization with only 4 available.

Amazing Ease of Use for CAD

A good cad mouse is the logitech m570 wirelessWith regards to CAD, the easy of use on the Logitech M570 is great for one reason, the trackball. It has trackball technology which allows control of the cursor by moving your thumb, thus providing extreme precision when designing with CAD softwares. I will get more into that a bit later.

This is a plug-n-play device and comes with software to customize various features, e.g. buttons. Installation is simple. Just insert the battery into the mouse, plug in the wireless receiver to a USB port, and turn the mouse switch ON. To configure the mouse, however, you will need to install the software which comes with the mouse. You can change what each button does, mouse sensitivity and more. However, it does not allow custom user profiles or dots-per-inch (DPI) customization, which can be of use in CAD tools. With my tests, I saw the software and plug-and-play features to be robust and simple. It gets a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Excellent Ergonomics for CAD

Ergonomic CAD mouseYes! Finally a mouse that supports your entire hand (assuming your hands are of an an average size). My palm is able to lay on the mouse and this reduces stress on various parts of my hand. The ridges around the mouse provide the support your fingers need. An ergonomic mouse can go a long way when designing with CAD softwares because such tasks require constant and precise movements. I give the Logitech M570 a 5 star rating due to its unique design.

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Scrolling is Too Mechanical, but that's not Bad

The scrolling on this mouse has different viewpoints. On the one hand, some users say the wheel feels to mechanical with excessive sound. On the other hand, other users state they like the noise as it provides a feedback. I actually like the mechanical noise. This mouse does not have the ability to scroll left and right. However, as stated in other reviews, this is not a necessary requirement for CAD softwares. The overall verdict is a 4 out of 5 stars while considering numerous customer reviews.

Lack of Buttons

Logitech M570 Forward and Backward buttonsThis mouse has the obvious left, right, and scroll wheel buttons. In addition, it has two additional buttons next to the left click button. These button are primarily used for back/forward actions allowing you to cycle backwards and forwards between webpages, documents, among others.

Altogether, the mouse has four buttons for customization. I am not too excited about the lack of buttons since some CAD tools allow mapping certain buttons to commands. I personally do not use more than 3 buttons (left,right, and scroll wheel) but others may find this as a flaw. This gets a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Added Bonuses: Wireless Connectivity and Trackball

The Logitech M570 includes a Unifying receiver allowing wireless connectivity. The receiver is tiny thus reducing the chances of bumping it if being used with a laptop. I am guilty of breaking several receivers because they were just too large! The receiver can be paired with 8 additional Logitech products. For example, I can buy a keyboard and not require the use of another USB port, given that it is a compatible Logitech product.

If you are used to using a standard mouse that requires moving the device on a flat surface in order to move the cursor on the screen (majority of people use such a mouse), then the trackball will have a learning curve. With the M570, the mouse does not physically need to move because rotation of the thumb on the trackball causes the movement of the cursor. This has a major benefit of reducing stress on your wrists and as a benefit for CAD tools, it provides more precise control of the cursor.

Final Verdict as a Mouse for CAD

This mouse packs a punch. The trackball reduces stress on ones hand, which in my opinion is crucial. Using Computer Aided Design tools requires constant precise movements – this can cause various injuries to your hand. The mouse is easy to use, setup, and the comfortability is great. The mouse fits well with the shape of a hand. If you do not require many buttons (4 available in this mouse), my verdict indicates this as a one of the best CAD mouse. Check out more information and customer reviews on Amazon.com.

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