The Benefits of Large Format CAD Printers

The Benefits of Large Format CAD Printers

The trend in 3D printing has been toward smaller, more affordable, and easier-to-use machines. But the large format CAD printers are still here and still useful for numerous applications. If you’re looking to make your next project bigger than life (and can afford it), these machines may be right up your alley.

Large format CAD printers can print objects up to several feet tall. They can also print in multiple materials, including plastic and metal, which makes them ideal for prototyping parts for large-scale projects like architecture or aerospace engineering. This article will cover the top benefits of investing in large format CAD printers.

Produce large, durable, and detailed objects

Large format CAD printers, as the name suggests, are capable of producing large objects. They are also able to produce objects with high levels of detail. This is because they can use multiple materials and print in layers just like desktop 3D printers. However, their larger build area means you can create more complex parts than on a traditional machine.

Another benefit is that they can produce durable parts which could be used in real-world applications where durability is important. For example, if you were working on an airplane or car and needed some parts made in metal, then using a large format CAD printer would help ensure that these parts will last longer than traditional methods.

Large-sized CAD printers also have better resolution than smaller ones, which means they can produce detailed objects more easily than their smaller counterparts (although there are still limitations here). This allows artists who need detailed models while working on projects like video games or movies.

Reduces labor and time costs

The cost-effectiveness of large format CAD printers is another aspect not to be underestimated. When you compare the cost of large format CAD printers to traditional manufacturing methods, it’s clear that the former is much more economical. This is especially true for those with many products or prototypes that need to be made.

As your printing process becomes more automated, it will reduce the time and labor you need to spend creating your finished product. The more complicated the design, the greater the advantage of using 3D printing over traditional methods. Large format CAD printers can also be used at home by hobbyists to create custom parts for cars and other items (such as music instruments).

Moreover, the benefits of large format CAD printers like those from Massivit are not just limited to cost savings. They also offer many other advantages, such as reduced time spent on assembly lines and less waste in terms of energy consumption.

Can create complex pieces with minimal changes to the CAD file

One of the main benefits of large format CAD printers is that they can print complex pieces with minimal changes to the original CAD file. For example, if you’re designing an automobile engine part, you can design it as a single piece and then print out several components. This means that instead of having to adjust the CAD file for each component individually (which would be a huge hassle), all you need to do is change one line on your computer.

If you’re designing a piece that is too big to fit on a standard printer or too delicate to be handled by hand, then you’ll want to use a large format CAD printer. These printers have the ability to handle large parts, which means they can print out anything from giant robot heads to entire hulls of boats.

Suitable for use in educational settings

Large format CAD printers are an ideal tool for use in educational settings. They allow students to learn about the design process, from concept to prototype, giving them a chance to experience this first-hand.

Students can learn about CAD printing with a large format printer while studying computer-aided design (CAD). They will also be able to apply their knowledge of engineering and manufacturing processes by designing models on CAD software and then printing them out using a large format machine. This way, students can see how their designs are transformed into real objects that they can hold in their hands.


It’s no surprise that this form of printing has been used in industries like architecture and construction for some time now, but more recently, it has also entered the consumer market thanks to advances in materials science.

All in all, large format CAD printers have a myriad of uses, and the technology will only become more advanced in the future. As such, it’s important to be aware of its capabilities and limitations to decide whether or not it’s right for your project.







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