Tips on Digitally Remodeling a Home |

Tips on Digitally Remodeling a Home

Remodeling your home isn’t easy. Even with careful planning, it could take months and the result wouldn’t be something you were wished for. With digital tools and apps available at your disposable, we can not only improve the speed of our home remodeling project but also get the desired results.

Tips on Digitally Remodeling a home

Here’s how you should approach your home remodeling project:

The Digital Room Plan

Start by taking pictures of your existing room or home plan. Right now, there are apps where you can snap pictures of your home, and the app creates floor plans for them. It calculates the dimensions on its own, so you don’t need to stand taking measurements using a tape measure. One app you can download for this is the MagicPlan.

Once you create your blueprint, you’d easily find which things will fit in where. This will make your shopping so much easier. You don’t have to jot down all your measurements and lose the paper somewhere. It’s all in front of you. You can even visually place the materials and see how much space they would occupy.

Design Your Space

Once you have the floor plan in front of you, the next thing you should be doing is looking for inspiration. Pinterest is a vault of design and home renovation projects. Search the style you want, and you’d get hundreds of pictures.

Create a board on Pinterest for your renovation project. Save all pictures that interest you on the board.

Make Your Mood Board

One reason non-designers fail to articulate their concepts into reality is problems organizing and converting the project. They overdo some parts or fail to do enough. Mood boards help to create consistency in your planning and plan your look in advance.

Once you have all the inspiration, the next thing you should do is design your space using the board. Go back to your floor plan. Start with the bigger pieces. Where do they come in? Once you have created the right space for your necessary items, move to the complimentary ones. These are the ones that reflect on your theme and add a nice touch to your design.

Milanote is an app that can help you put all your thoughts in one place. Save the pictures from Pinterest and add them to your Milanote. With each picture, you can add your notes. For example, if you like a paint color for your wall. You can save its picture, the company that sells it in your area, its price and other such details.

Create Your Budget

When it comes to home improvement projects, often the best-created budgets fail to stay within the budget. You misjudge the costs or timing of one part, and then it overwhelms your entire project. HomeZada is an app that helps you plan all your home improvement projects. You can plan your budget, research contractors and products, keep a track of your work and cost, etc. HomeZada even helps you keep track of your receipts and warranties.

Even if you aren’t planning a home modeling project, HomeZada can be very helpful in managing your home finances. You can even estimate your home remodeling expected cost using this app.

If you are in a financial crunch, check out some of the best loans out there for home improvement for 2019.

Hiring Contractors

Apps are making life so much easier for us, right? You can now even hire contractors online for your home remodeling. For this, there’s also an app. One app is HomeAdvisor. In this app, you can look for contractors in different categories such as flooring, plumbing, painting, etc.

Be sure to check the contractor's reviews. I would recommend you talk to 2-3 contractors before hiring one. Get them to give you an estimate on your remodeling. Ask them what projects have they handled in the past.

Online Shopping

There’s a limitless choice when it comes to online shopping these days. You can get some of the best deals online for a home. The first choice for online shopping is mostly Amazon. But don’t rule out eBay, Ali Baba and even Wish. Even local stores nowadays have the option of online shopping.

When shopping online, always check reviews of the product. If the product is being shipped internationally, you might end up paying a lot in shipping costs. Be sure to calculate that as well.

Online Hotel Stay

If you are planning on remodeling your entire home, you might have to book a hotel stay for a few nights. Compare prices online before booking to get the best possible prices. You don’t have to get the most expensive hotel, because relaxing would probably be the last thing on your mind when your house is all inside out. So, go for the cheaper, closer to home option.

Successfully remodeling a home can be very satisfying. With these apps and tips, you will be able to get your project organized from the beginning.

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