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UCS in AutoCAD

UCS stands for User Coordinate System and is represented by the object on the left down corner of your AutoCAD windows. This is a crucial tool for 3D design in AutoCAD. This is why in this post I will use the simple figure below to help you

Basic Tools in 3D in AutoCAD

While a lot of blogs will give you many reasons why AutoCAD is not the indicated software for 3D, in this post I want to deliver the concept of 3D in AutoCAD and what you should be thinking about, specially if 3D is a total new concept

AutoCAD 3D Tutorial – Part 5

We are moving difficulties one step further in this AutoCAD 3D tutorial. Here is a good 3D AutoCAD exercise for beginners. Quick reminder. This is the fifth 3D exercise we are working on, and if you haven't followed previous ones, and are a beginner, I will recommend

The 3 most Used commands in 3D in AutoCAD

Are you a CAD beginner? Do u have so many questions about where to start drawing in 3D with AutoCAD? Have you mastered your 2D yet or do you just want to dive right into the “real world” – the most interesting part which we name the