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Best Mouse for CAD in 2019

Choosing the best mouse for CAD is an important task for designers, architects, and drafters of all walks of life. The mouse is the main input device which, as a CAD drafter, you will be spending approximately 8 hours a day holding. Here’s a run down of

AutoCAD exercises

Do you know all the tricks in AutoCAD? When I first started, I was struggling to learn AutoCAD online and I wish someone had walked me through the process. Here, I made an attempt to provide a nice learning process for those of you willing to start

Modeling a Linear Actuator with CAD Software

When customers who search for the automation solutions decide to purchase the linear actuator mechanism in order to implement it for their purposes they mainly don’t even think about possible problems that preceded this technology creation. When best automation engineers want to make the proper linear actuator

Avoid PCB Design Problems with These Simple Tips

Designing a PCB for your next project or a product you are developing is easier now that there are tools to help you deal with the challenges of the process. Instead of doing manual calculations of resistance, for instance, you can now use built-in tools and plugins

Tips on Digitally Remodeling a Home

Remodeling your home isn’t easy. Even with careful planning, it could take months and the result wouldn’t be something you were wished for. With digital tools and apps available at your disposable, we can not only improve the speed of our home remodeling project but also get

Understanding the Concept Behind Emotional Design

What is emotional design? Emotional design is concerned with the creation of products that bring out desired emotions to add a positive interaction with the user. To achieve that, designers look at the connections likely to form between an object and the user, and the kind of

Important Computer Protection Advice For CAD Drafters

When you work in computer-aided design (CAD) you will, obviously, be using computers heavily throughout the day. It would be disastrous if something were to happen as you could easily lose a huge amount of important data and work and struggle to recover it. Additionally, cybercrime is

How to Design Interactive 3D CAD and 360° Product Photographs

When a prospective client visits your website, you have only a few minutes to impress them. Literally. Since your online store isn’t physical, there’s no one to tell a potential client where to look, to find unique pieces or products. As there is no interpersonal relationship at

Protecting Your CAD Data: Back-Up, Recovery and Monitoring

Every day, we are creating more data than we realize, especially in the design, architecture and CAD fields. Photos, CAD files, drawings, documents for our work or a personal blog, comments on social media, and countless emails and messages that may be from work or family and

Tips For Getting Started With CAD

There is no doubt that computer-aided design (CAD) has completely revolutionized the design world in recent times. CAD can make it much easier for people of all skills and abilities to master technical drawing and design, but it can also be tricky to get started as it

Best Online Tools for a Bedroom Design

Nowadays there are different programs as well as software tools available for designing virtual rooms. These programs or applications help make room designing easy, even for beginners. When you are planning to redesign your home or a single room but not sure what kind of changes you

Understanding What Are Verified Views

  To understand how planning systems seek, one has to read something known as a planning appeal. Sadly, a lot of people struggle trying to balance the visual effects of development with other impacts both bad and good. Visual appearance is often a point of contention when

How to use the LOFT command in AutoCAD

The LOFT command is a not very popular command among beginners using AutoCAD, but at some point of the learning process, you will the need to learn how to use and play with this command. The LOFT command in AutoCAD has many unique features and the results

The Best CAD Software for Rendering

The objective of choosing the perfect computer aided-design tool for handling renderings is one that is sure to cause bitter arguments among graphic designers who render and animate characters for a living and this is due to the innate difference that exists among humans as well as

Top 5 CAD Software Applications for Mac

As a graphic designer who makes use of computer aided-design software applications in various projects, you have most likely created a comfortable workstation to ease day to day struggles that come with graphic design. Your work station in most cases will consist of: a lovely but worn-out

9 Tips you Should Know on your Day 1 of Using AutoCAD

You just installed AutoCAD for the first time. What's next? Don't worry, here below are 9 tips and tricks you should learn on your first day. Before I move on with 9 Tips and Tricks for using AutoCAD – I strongly recommend getting our 100 CAD Exercises eBOOK ! Click below

The Impact of Writing Skills for Architects and Designers

Whether you are a graphic designer, an architect or work in any other creative niche out there, chances are that writing isn’t on the top of your list of priorities. After all, the years you’ve spent honing your craft and learning about visual communication didn’t focus on

How to Change the Render Background in AutoCAD

An image can be relatively “ugly” if you fail to use the right tools appropriately. Here is how you can easily change the render background in AutoCAD. On the picture below, notice the difference between both pictures. It's the same object rendered in two different ways. The

How Can Architects and Designers Improve their Marketing Pitch?

Architects and Designers are experts in creating stunning designs, crafted and moulded with a good CAD software on hand. However, selling and marketing these stunning designs is often not their strongest or beloved skill. Focusing all efforts and time on refining their CAD designs and less on