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  • Microstrip Antenna design with Ansys HFSS

    Microstrip Antenna design with Ansys HFSS

    Here is a simplified Microstrip antenna design with Ansys HFSS. There are few basic things that must be known before designing an antenna in general such as: The frequency range in which the antenna is planed to be be propagating, the size of the antenna, the material,  the gain of the antenna and the structure […]

  • HFSS Antenna Design

    HFSS Antenna Design

    ANSYS HFSS software is one the commonly used modeling software for simulating 3D electromagnetic wave propagation. It is one of the essential tool for engineers involved in project in the field of high-speed electronic and high frequency components. Here is a step by step HFSS Antenna design tutorial performed for the sake of letting beginners […]