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10 Key Questions to Ask Before You Hire a CAD Engineer

Need to choose a CAD engineer for your startup? Traditionally, they start with conducting relevant interviews. How? Check these 10 key questions to ask before you hire a CAD Engineer.

One of the most inferior reasons to recruit a CAD engineer is because they only possess technical skills or are proficient at a specific tool, for instance, SolidWorks. This would resemble to hiring a columnist because they are able to practice MS Word. When it comes to hiring in the engineering sector, the job of world-class engineers or engineering services companies (especially for CAD) is more than mastering a certain tool.

They don't state that engineers can get away with no skill. Such specialists should know the basics of design, geometry, be comfy with technology and a few other innovations, but they don’t need to be gurus in your business, they simply have to demonstrate a will to learn. That is about soft skills.

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So, what should a small business or startup search for when hiring a CAD engineer?

The 10 questions depicted further are like a skeleton for an ideal engineering interview (for both hard and soft skills) which means you are free to add your queries in case you wish to go deeper.

CAD design is considered a profession where engineers need powerful tech skills as well as attention to detail. While conducting interviews for CAD design positions, employers should accentuate queries that help them evaluate the above-mentioned traits. In case you are preparing to interview for a CAD engineer role, it is essential to do homework, i.e. make a list of questions. In this article, they cover traditional CAD interview queries, involving basic as well as in-depth ones.

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1. What field experience as a CAD tech role do you have?

You should discuss with a candidate regarding specifics that relate to their previous CAD-related experience. In case a candidate doesn't possess specific practice, reach as close as you can.

Ideal CAD engineers will tell the interviewer what responsibilities they were conducting during the job. Moreover, they will reveal what solutions they designed and modules they worked on plus show their achievements regarding various solutions.

2. How did you optimize Your CAD skills/knowledge last month/year?

Perfect CAD engineers will involve improvement activities connected with their role. They will also talk about the experience to prove self-improvement.

You should search for an engineer that is goal-oriented. Such candidates brightly demonstrate a will for continuous learning in a form of listing free-time activities non-work related. Note that the target is to discover time management, self-sufficiency, and motivation in such hobbies.

3. How do you perform a job under pressure?

It is a good answer when candidates say that they thrive under certain kinds of stressful situations (certainly, delivering a sample that refers to the CAD engineering role).

They can tell you about dealing with deadlines permanently.

However, good CAD engineers avoid mentioning the cases where they generated the pressure, for instance, by performing a task irresponsibly from the start. Conducting a job under pressure to satisfy a client’s need within a timeline is a wonderful example.

4. What does it mean to be a great CAD engineer?

The response should sound as follows. To be good at CAD engineering means being extremely innovative and creative. Candidates should also focus on attention to detail because as a CAD professional, this trait will show in all of your activities. Even the minimum of time they invest into every CAD design will bring significant benefits in the future.

5. What are must-have skills for CAD engineers to be prosperous?

Top CAD engineers will say the following.

  •   Adaptability. A vital soft skill in the engineering business;
  •   Team player. Too-much-of-being-introvert specialists will hurt any business;
  •   Communication. Adequate communication is a must in the fast-developing engineering industry.

Let’s now proceed with several tech queries.

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6. What is your strategy in case the dialog to introduce attributes is absent when starting novel designs in AutoCAD?

This query will help interviewers to evaluate whether CAD engineering candidates possess the skills obligatory to cope with issues or errors when working with AutoCAD software. Good candidates show an understanding of how they identify and resolve challenges/bugs when dealing with CAD.

7. If applying CAD software, when is it appropriate to implement system variables?

First of all, employers should search for strong tech expertise when interviewing CAD engineers. The query can support interviewers in identifying a candidate's awareness regarding various kinds of apps that CAD is efficient for. Perfect CAD engineers will give a couple of examples of previous solutions that they utilized CAD software for.

8. What characteristics can you modify with AutoCAD?

As far as the majority of CAD designs demand the practice of AutoCAD software, business/startup owners should ask specific queries like this one to assess the engineer's expertise in doing design commands in the program. CAD engineers should reveal everything they know about the operability of AutoCAD apps, and deliver examples of their previous job to underline their tech skills.

9. What are the advantages of applying AutoCAD?

While responding, CAD engineers should say that:

  •   AutoCAD economizes time and supports in optimizing productivity;
  •   It assists in optimizing development and documentation workflow;
  •   3D design prototypes can be created at once via AutoCAD.

10. What are the reasons for AutoCAD WS being more popular among smartphone users?

A brilliant answer should contain the info that AutoCAD WS makes it possible to easily share the app from any location and anytime. The app can be installed in any format regardless of the licensing issue.

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