20 Days of 2D AutoCAD exercises #12

welcome to Day #12.

Today, we will try to learn few new stuff. Here we have a simple 2D exercise.

I believe you can have this exercise done with no hassle if you have been with me from Day #1. It is true that there are many way you can go and reach your goals in AutoCAD. This being said, we will find out what we could learn today, since we want to learn as much as possible in this series of 20 days of 2D AutoCAD exercise.

autocad exercise 10

This exercise can be easily accomplished by looking at it like a symmetric figure. This will make you want to draw only a side of the object, and use the MIRROR command to get the other part.


Drawing the down or up side of the object, and using the MIRROR command will make you obtain the whole figure. The Axis of Symmetry is shown on the figure below. You can try using this technique, although I will want in next exercises to bring something more tricky to make you master the MIRROR command.


The second way to look at the exercise, is the following. You have those 2 left rectangle being symmetrical and the 3 right rectangle forming a rectangular Array.


What will be more interesting today is pushing you to construct a Rectangular Array in AutoCAD. I will suggest we modify our exercise to the one down below. You surely need to avoid drawing those objects individually, what you need to do is to design one of them and use the ARRAY command to get other object.


Use the MIRROR command to get F from T or vice versa. The Axis of symmetry is easy to find.


Then use the ARRAY command to get the rest of the element of our exercise.


Hope you wont have any difficulties using the ARRAY command, feel free to check this post, explaining clearly how to use the ARRAY command in AutoCAD.

With hope you have learned something today, I look forward to seeing you on the next 2D exercise.



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