Linetype in AutoCAD

Every linetype in AutoCAD is stored in .lin files.

Only one linetype is loaded in your design when you open a new project in AutoCAD. To have access to other linetypes, you will have to load them manually.

Loading a new linetype (Using of the LT command)

  1. Type LT and hit ENTER
  2. Click on the LOAD button on the window that pops up
  3. choose linetype and hit OK

You have just loaded a new linetype which is going to be accessible from you main window.


Here is a list of all linetype available in AutoCAD 2011

[ws_table id=”4″]

Images are respectively shown below


How to add a new linetype in AutoCAD

You can download .lin files and manually add them to your list or you can choose to make your own linetype. To add a .lin file in AutoCAD you will have to use the LT command as stated above and use the “file” button to specify the location of your new .lin file.