20 Days of 2D AutoCAD exercises #20

Welcome to Day #20, the last day of this series of 2D exercises.

It’s been good 20 days we have been working on 2D exercises using AutoCAD, and I can’t be more excited to have compiled this eBook for you, just to help you test what you have learned so far.

I am disturbed by the fact that I have only provided guideline for AutoCAD users in this series, in the near future I will definitely be working toward choosing a Free best AutoCAD alternative and experimenting it using these same series of exercises.

We have learned quite a lot lately, and I guess one of the only way for you to check your improvement is to put yourself to work, dig, find some weird 2D exercises to do, gauge their difficulties and do them.

Here is a little eBook for you to start from, I have put some of the exercises we solved here, and some that will help you challenge your brain furthermore.


These Exercises are for you to solve and come back to me with some suggestion about what the Part II of this eBook should be like. Knowing there is still a lot to learn, I would be open for questions and suggestions.

Do not hesitate to share your opinion as I am looking forward to making this experience the best for all beginners to learn and accelerate their learning speed.

In Case you have not been here since the beginning, you may need to check the series since the beginning.




AutoCAD ExercisesDescription
AutoCAD Exercises #1Drawing your first piece of 2D using AutoCAD. Using LINE command and fixing your settings for a better user experience. Learning how to use coordinates and Using exclusively the command window to draw.
AutoCAD Exercises #2Learning how to draw straight lines with definite dimensions. Basic concept for daily use while working with AutoCAD
AutoCAD Exercises #3Learning the use of OSNAP and using skills you gained to design a more complex 2D.
AutoCAD Exercises #4Using some math and drawing lines with specific angles and dimensions. Learning the basic concept of angles in AutoCAD, and actually using the trick main while.
AutoCAD Exercises #5FILLET command and the use of OSNAP. Learning how to place object. Learning how to use center points.
AutoCAD Exercises #6CHAMFER command. Using the CHAMFER command and leaning more about the command window.
AutoCAD Exercises #7how to use HATCH in AutoCAD. You will need skills from Day #4 to have the exercise done, and you will learn how to actually use the HATCH command.
AutoCAD Exercises #8Playing with the TANGENT feature of the OSNAP. You will have a complex figure to replicate, and you will have to learn how the TANGENT feature of the OSNAP works. You will also have to learn a new trick on how to draw a circle using this very technique.
AutoCAD Exercises #9Clear description on how the ARC command works and a complex exercise to try the technique out. All instructions are given for you to easily assimilate the tutorial.
AutoCAD Exercises #10Tricky exercise. You will have to use all technique you have learned in previous exercises to accomplish this one. Hints are given. And an opportunity to ask questions is as well given
AutoCAD Exercises #11Concrete exercise where you will have to see advantages of learning the ARRAY command. A Polar Array is designed and some old techniques you must have learned from the beginning will be helpful.
AutoCAD Exercises #12We have more than an exercise, The aim is to force you to use the ARRAY command. A rectangular Array is to be created.
AutoCAD Exercises #13MIRROR command. The mirror command has not been used since the beginning. This exercise makes it impossible for you if you don't use the MIRROR command. Learning the concept of symmetry in AutoCAD
AutoCAD Exercises #14Create a layers and changing line type. Using the ROTATE command and the OFFSET command. Learning how to combine a set of techniques toward something definite.
AutoCAD Exercises #15Using the combination of all techniques learned so far to come to achieve a complex 2D AutoCAD exercise. Previous learned techniques will be needed in this session and a little bit of math too.
AutoCAD Exercises #16This is a nice AutoCAD exercise that will make you test what you have learned so far. It is testing you ability to combine all you know to get a quite tough exercise done. Of course, hints have been provided to help you get it done.
AutoCAD Exercises #17Revision exercise. Be ready to use your calculator. You will need a bit more of precision in this session. An emphasis has been made on the ROTATE command, OFFSET command and FILLET command in this exercise.
AutoCAD Exercises #18Learning how to draw a polygon in AutoCAD. Here is shown how you can easily construct perfect star in AutoCAD, you may want to convert it into a block for future use. A complex figure is provided as well to help you practice.
AutoCAD Exercises #19Learning how to construct a complex drawing using technique provided to you in previous sessions. This serves as a test, to see how far you have gone since the beginning of this series of exercises.
AutoCAD Exercises #20Exam Day. Grab your Exam eBook for free and come back to me with questions and suggestions on how to make this course easier to understand if possible.
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    Would be nice to hear your thought on what helped you most, and what was hard to understand during these 20 days of learning AutoCAD 2D.

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    i learned a lot from these exercises, thanks a lot. the most important thing is this tutorial taught me how to use the commands by forcing me to use them in the exercises, unlike most tutorials they teach you the commands but do not teach how to apply. excellent course.

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    great exercises. done all from day one but in the end i got a bit complicated and i could’nt finish the last ones perfectly but i did my best. I found that some exercieses could be more explanatory with a little more text (luckly i’ve found some of the answes in the commentary). i’ve also downloaded the book and looking forward to looking trough it. now im gonna find som more 2d exercises then im excited to starting with 3d! thanks a lot for posting this now im ready to take some courses in CAD 🙂

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