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9 Ideas to Help CAD Designers Become More Organized

Being a CAD or a graphic designer sometimes means that you have to juggle multiple projects at the same time. While that is something one can get used to over time, not everyone can adjust as soon as they start. Your employer could be giving you more work than you expected. Or maybe you are freelancing and have great job offers that you cannot refuse.

Whatever the case may be, organizing one’s work and keeping things neat and tidy should be one of your priorities. And the sooner you get into such a habit, the better.

How should you approach the strategy of creating a routine that will keep things nice and organized? Different people have different ideas, but there are some universal points that one cannot discard regardless of what they think.

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This article should be a good reference for those who are looking to become more organized in their work and not worry about distractions that could potentially lead to missed deadlines.

Here are some Tips for CAD Designers to Be More Organized:

Idea #1 – Keep Your Hard Drive Free

It might come as a surprise how fast you could end up with very little hard drive space left, especially when using something like a Macbook Pro. You may also struggle to find the cause behind it. It can be junk files, or it can be large files. You can click here to find out about potential solutions, but the bottom line is to make sure that you have enough storage in the disk.

Idea #2 – Get a Reliable Antivirus

While antiviruses are not directly related to keeping files organized as CAD designers, this point is still worth mentioning as it does concern your data.

There are loads of different cybersecurity threats, and you could potentially be targeted by some that will delete your data. Have a reliable antivirus that is actively scanning the system while running in the background and removing any threats it finds.

Idea #3 – Create a Filing System

The file system is where the fun begins. You will have to work with what files you have and create a system that will make organizing easier. Some would argue that bothering with it is pointless as there is a search feature that allows you to find anything you need.

However, it would still be better to have separate folders for separate clients, projects, types of work, and filings. Look for some examples on the internet or ask for recommendations from CAD designers you know. Test different variations and stick to what works for you.

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The file system is where the fun begins.

Idea #4 – Save Changed Files Separately

There will be instances when you will have different ideas for the same project. Have these files separated so that you do not mix things up and end up not figuring out which is which. There is a “save a file as…” option when you are saving stuff on the computer. Make use of that.

Idea #5 – Use Proper Names for Files

Naming files should be something quite clear, yet some people still fail to figure out how to name all of their stuff properly. Similar to the filing system, names also require a pattern that you will not have problems recognizing. Use dashes, numerals, underscores, and keep things in check. 

Idea #6 – Back up Your Data

Backing up data is also something you need to think about. Whether you are a business that works with loads of information and has to process a lot throughout the day is not important. Everyone should be aware of the potential risks they face by not having the data saved somewhere.

It could be external storage devices, or it can be backups created by tools like Time Machine. Stick to what you prefer. The most important thing is to ensure that if something happens to your hardware, you have the most important stuff stored in a safe location.

Idea #7 – Transfer Files to Clouds

Using cloud services and moving files from there to the computer and vice-versa will free up some drive space. On top of that, you can look to keep some of your most important stuff saved on Dropbox or iCloud. They are free and are one of the safest locations for files you can find. 

Idea #8 – Customize Folders

Folder customization does not end with just the name. You can add custom icons, create favorites, and make use of other neat features that will make it easier to distinguish between all the myriad of files that you have to work with every day. 

Idea #9 – Consider Automation Tools

As CAD designers, we all know that time is a rare commodity. There are automation tools that will do most of the work for you and organize files in the preferred fashion. However, one should remember that when it comes to using such software, it will still not do a job as good as what you would get by spending some time and organizing the files yourself.

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