10 affordable 3D Printers

10 affordable 3D Printers

Everyone is joining the 3D revolution; kids of 9 building robotic arms, moms are designing aesthetically pleasing furniture and dads are creating unique toys for the kids which makes the manufacturing niche of 3D printing one of the most accepted design trends of the 21st century.

And unlike the old days, of 3D printers costing a bucket load of money to purchase and setup, anyone can now be a part of the 3D printing revolution due to the advent of domestic 3D printers that meet everyone’s budget and can easily be installed in your garage.

So to help you easily kick start your dream of becoming a ‘disruptive inventor’ we shall provide a list of 3D printers that meet your design specifications as well as comes at a budget.

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Top 10 affordable 3D Printers

Peachy Printer

According to their kick starter page, the developers of Peachy Printer had just one goal in mind which was building a domestic 3D printer for every home! Which they did by providing the Peachy Printer at an affordable, making it number one on our list and the cheapest printer on the market.

How it works: Peachy Printer employs the Stereo Lithography 3D printing technique which works by applying a laser beam to the printing feed or material—liquid resins—which solidifies into the design to be printed on contact.


when looking for an affordable 3D printer with most of its assembly parts already done, look no further than the MakiBox. This 3D printer is designed with your comfort and domestic use in mind and it is quite a steal.

How it Works: The MakiBox employs its own version of ‘Stereo lithography’ 3D printing technique to bring designs to life. This means that a laser beam is used applied on the design material—liquid resins—to build the 3D model.

PrintrBot Simple

the PrintrBot enterprise are quite well known for the variety of 3D printers—sized according to your needs— they provide for public consumption. Since we are concentrating on domestic printers, the PrintrBot Simple version is what makes this list.

How it Works: the PrintrBot employs the use of Stereo Lithography 3D printing techniques to build its models.

Phoenix 3D Printer

Moving up the ladder is the Phoenix, which is more advanced than the previous three on this list due to the more comprehensive printing features it offers the user when compared to the features of other domestic printers. The Phoenix allows you pause the printing process, go back to previously printed points and start the printing process at different stages. As expected, these features of course add to the pricing of this machine

How it Works: It employs the process of stereo lithography

Portabee Go

Romscraj’s Portabee Go as the name suggests is a portabee 3d printer that can actually be used on the go wherever you have a power source to power the printer. This unique feature is made possible due to its foldable components that makes transportation easy.

How it works: Portabee Go also employs Stereo lithography as its technique of 3D printing

The Buccaneer

with the Buccaneer, the need to assemble your printing parts with the aid of locking fluids and other adhesives are eliminated for the 3D printer comes assembled directly from the factory. Although The Buccaneer is designed to handle all kinds of print, it works best when building domestic 3D models.

How it works: the Buccaneer works with the ‘Laser Sintering’ which makes use of a laser beam and a printing platform to print on plastic particles.


Here comes Solidoodle, another 3D printer that can be used straight out of the box. Solidoodle comes in two different sizes—the 6 x 6x 6 and 8 x 8 x 8—and your choice in size would depend on the projects you plan to handle

How it works: Solidoodle makes use of the stereo lithography printing process explained earlier


if in need of a 3D printer that allows you either work within a set size or customize its’ size to fit the size of your project, then the RigidBot should be your friend. This 3D printer has a customizable that makes it very efficient when working on diverse projects.

How it works: the RigidBot makes use of stereo lithography technique when printing 3D models. It borrows its printing process from the stereo lithography technique


the RoBo is an open source 3D printer which simply means that every information about how it was built can be found online, so enthusiastic designers/manufacturers can easily build theirs’ from scratch.

How it works: The RoBo is built to manufacture 3D models using stereo lithography printing techniques

DeezMaker Bukito Mini

Printing a 3D model is uses up a lot of energy and in most cases, the unused energy is dispersed as heat and vibrations along the printer’s body but the Deezmaker is renowned for its maximization of energy and the balance it offers when printing a 3D model. Its solidity means you can achieve very accurate designs regardless of how uncomfortable your workspace is.

How it works: The Deezmaker Bukito makes use of stereo lithography printing techniques


3D printers and imagesProCons
Peachy PrinterIt works quickly, uses less energy than the average printer and prints with liquid resins.the 3D printing platform is quite small thereby limiting the size of projects it can handle
MakiBox it is affordable, takes little or no space, doesn’t use up too much energyA dimension of (150mm wide x 110mm deep x 90mm) means it prints only small 3D models
PrintrBot SimpleSimple to set up, maximizes energy consumption, affordabledesigned to handle small to medium sized projects
Phoenix 3D Printerstill affordable, provides the designer with more control, doesn’t occupy space or use up much energymay be expensive to some, can be used on only small/medium sized projects
Portabee Goit is portable, quite affordable and doesn’t require much energy to operateit is designed to handle small/medium projects.
The BuccaneerComes assembled straight out the box, doesn’t use much energy, its feed can easily be gottenDesigned to handle small/medium scaled 3D printing projects
SolidoodleIt comes in two sizes, doesn’t use up too much energy and is quite affordableCan handle the printing of only small to medium sized projects
RigidBotits’ size is customizable, it can be used to handle projects of different sizesfor larger projects it consumes energy, customizing may be quite expensive
RoBoit is customizable, and can be built to handle medium to large scale projectsconsumes energy when printing large projects, may be quite expensive
DeezMaker Bukito Minirenders very accurate prints, very stable work platform and minimizes energy lossit is quite on the expensive side.
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