SolidWorks Drawing Tutorial and Exercises for Beginners

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If you are new to SolidWorks, or you want to refresh your CAD skills, then these set of SolidWorks tutorials are right for you. SolidWorks is one of the most widely-used 3D CAD softwares available in the market. From engineering students to large design firms, SolidWorks is the go-to modeling tool.

If you are in the field of mechanical, civil, and other types of engineers, you will need to learn SolidWorks at some point in your career. SolidWorks allows the designer to create a 3D model of any object they desire. This object can then be sent to be manufactured at a fabrication facility or with new 3D printing technology, you can even manufacture it yourself!

Best Way to Learn SolidWorks

learn to make modles like this in solidworks drawing tutorial

Learn to make models like this!

SolidWorks for beginners can have a slight learning curve. Since it is widely used in the industry, it is worthwhile to take the time to learn it because your next or current job may require it. The best way to learn SolidWorks is to learn from step-by-step tutorials, video tutorials, or even books.

However, we at believe in step-by-step tutorials since the person can do it at their own pace.  We will be adding numerous hands-on tutorials with real examples. Each tutorial will consist of a 3D model that you will be able to create yourself.

SolidWorks Drawing Tutorial

Below you will find a series of tutorials. We will be constantly adding tutorials for beginners and experts alike. Each tutorial will have steps to follow with corresponding screenshots of the actual SolidWorks windows. Also, we will explain the different menus/options used in the tutorial. This will give you an understanding of the potential of SolidWorks.

Each tutorial will consist of:

  • Steps with explanations
  • Screenshots/images of SolidWorks software
  • Design of a model to showcase the specific features in the tutorial
How to Make Threads in SolidWorks
This tutorial covers the process of creating cosmetic threads in SolidWorks. The feature is applied on a hexagonal bolt that will be designed. In addition, these topics are covered:
  • How to create a new sketch
  • How to draw polygons
  • How to use the CHAMFER command
  • How to add cosmetic threads
How to Create a Lofted Surface in SolidWorks
This tutorial covers the process of creating a lofted surface in SolidWorks. We apply techniques to create a pottery vase. You will learn the following:
  • How to create a reference plane
  • How to create guiding curves
  • How to create a surface loft
How to Create a Coffee Cup Using Revolve and Sweep
This tutorial covers the process of creating a coffee cup in SolidWorks. You will learn the following:
  • How to use the Revolve feature
  • How to use the Sweep feature
  • How to create a Coffee Cup 3D model
How to make an Assembly in SolidWorks
This tutorial covers the process of creating an assembly in SolidWorks. You will learn the following:
  • How to add sub-parts to create a model
  • What are Mates in Assemblies
  • How to create a coffee table
How to engrave and emboss text in SolidWorks
This tutorial covers the process of engraving and embossing text in parts in SolidWorks. You will learn the following:
  • How to engrave text
  • How to add font
  • How to emboss text

Different Types of Drawing Views in SolidWorks
This tutorial covers the different types of drawing views in SolidWorks. You will learn the following:
  • What is a detail view
  • What is a section view
  • What is a broken view
More tutorials will be added soon.
Stay tuned!

Final Thoughts

We want to create a free resource for beginners and experts to learn SolidWorks. If you have any thoughts/suggestions or would like to contribute by adding your own tutorial, please leave a comment below or contact us directly. We would love to hear from you.

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