Autodesk 123D Sculpt Review |

Autodesk 123D Sculpt Review

Autodesk loves reinventing the wheel when it comes to building CAD software applications for the design community and the 123D Sculpt is no different regardless of its simplicity and development as a mobile app.

The 123D Sculpt—which is one of Autodesk premier CAD tools designed for use on the IPad—comes with its open diverse set of features that makes design fun. And although this design app cannot be used to create advanced models or characters, it still serves as a design tool that accomplishes designing graphic characters with ease.  So for a comprehensive review, I shall use three basic criteria to examine and analyze the 123D app and these are:

1. Available toolset: this criteria takes into consideration the available design tools on a platforms workspace as well as what they can accomplish.

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2. External Features: this criteria places its focus on the extra features–such as compatibility with 3D printers, social media and cloud storage facilities–that a design app may have.

3. Usability: this criteria focuses on the audience the app was built for, the level of design projects it can handle and the audience it was built for.

Autodesk 123D Sculpt Review

 since the criteria has been outline, we shall make use of the above stated criteria as the yardstick for reviewing the features of the 123D Sculpt.

  1. Available toolset: The Sculpt is a relatively simple design app that comes with basic design tools consisting of the draw, move, and paint etc. Which limits the user to designing simple characters with them. Graphic designers can also upload DXF, DWG files into its workspace for viewing and simple edits using its available tools.
  2. External or Extra features: although the app spots an intuitive workspace, it does not provide the user with much external functions. But Users can still import designs into its workspace to serve as a design template or for use directly in the scene been designed. You can also export designed models in DXF format onto more advanced CAD software apps that make use of these file formats.
  3. Usability: Autodesk basically developed the 123D Sculpt as a design tool native to the ipad and iOS communities, with the aim of getting amateur CAD users or kids to be interested in the benefits of computer aided design. This plan in a way shows why Autodesk took the extra step to design a more advanced design app–123D creature–for professionals CAD users looking for a design app to use with the ipad.  

So for parents looking to introduce their kids to the world of computer aided design, Autodesk has created the perfect app that is designed to accomplish simple tasks while using design tools quite similar to those seen on more advanced design software applications.

Cost: getting the app goes for free
Operating system: Autodesk developed the app strictly for iPad users
Learning Difficulty: the learning curve is quite easy and the app can be used by anyone regardless of design experience. 

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