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BricsCAD – AutoCAD alternative

BricsCAD is a CAD software featuring DWG files with Advanced 2D and 3D capabilities. This is not a free CAD software. The cheapest version costs around 485USD. There is platinum, pro, and classic version.


BricsCAD is definetely an alternative to AutoCAD for lower budget, and it is a nice piece of software for small businesses.

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Among its many features, you will find some interesting like:

  • Native .dwg 2013 file format
  • dwg for AutoCAD version 2.5 to 2013
  • Password protection
  • Xrefs in-place editing
  • PDF underlays
  • Export to PDF using style tables
  • Export to DWF 2D & 3D
  • Export to SVG
  • WORKSETS command
  • Sheet set manager
  • upload, share, view, annotate documents in the cloud)

and 3D features like:

  • 3D surfaces
  • ACIS viewing
  • Full ACIS modeling & editing
  • Direct modeling
  • SWEEP command
  • Sheet metal design
  • Hardware library (more than 30.000 standard parts)
  • Geometric 3D constraints creation
  • Geometric 3D constraints solving
  • Design intent
  • Section planes
  • Generative drafting
  • Powerful rendering engine
  • Visual styles
  • Walkthrough navigation
  • HELIX command

You can have more information about this CAD software at

Below are other AutoCAD alternative.

Platform2D3DFree of charge?Comments
LibreCAD – AutoCAD alternativeWindows
YesNoYesOpen source software.
FreeCAD – AutoCAD alternativeWindows
YesYesYesParametric 3D modeling software. Open source. Nice option for beginners
NanoCAD – AutoCAD AlternativeWindowsYesYesYesSupport dwg files. Online support available for users
BRL CAD – AutoCAD AlternativeWindows
YesYesYesFree and open source advance modeling software
Draftsight - AutoCAD AlternativeWindows
YesYesYesNice option for CAD beginners. AutoCAD free look alike CAD software. limited 3D capability
DoubleCAD XT – AutoCAD AlternativeWindowsYesNoYesAutoCAD LT Free alternative. Support only 2D. Advanced version supporting 3D for sale
BricsCAD – AutoCAD alternativeWindows
YesYesNoAdvance CAD software. Cheap alternative to AutoCAD for small businesses
OpenSCAD – AutoCAD AlternativeWindows
YesYesYesGood free AutoCAD alternative for machine part design.
IronCAD – AutoCAD AlternativeWindowsYesYesNoAdvanced 3D modeling CAD software.
ArchiCAD – AutoCAD AlternativeWindows
YesYesNoCAD software for Architect. Free academic version available
cad exercises