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  • Best Mouse for CAD in 2023

    Best Mouse for CAD in 2023

    Choosing the best mouse for CAD is an important task for designers. The mouse is the main input device which, as a CAD drafter, you will be spending approximately 8 hours a day holding. Here’s a rundown of what you should consider while choosing the best mouse for CAD work in my opinion.  Best CAD […]

  • AutoCAD fonts

    AutoCAD fonts

    AutoCAD fonts are stored in SHX files. Recent versions of AutoCAD may have more AutoCAD fonts files compared older versions, but if you are still not satisfied with the number of fonts AutoCAD is putting to your use, here is a trick you need to consider using. You might opt to download more SHX AutoCAD […]

  • DWG compatible CAD software

    DWG compatible CAD software

    Dwg files are one of the most used type of files in Computer Aided Design and this is pushing many companies to release their own DWG compatible CAD software. The native file format for AutoCAD files is .DWG. But you can also edit/generate DWG file using others software. Here is a list of some DWG […]

  • Home design software

    Home design software

    The release of IKEA’s home design software—the IKEA Home Planner—shook the world of interior decoration as well as the CAD community due to the fact that for the first time, the average individual with no prior knowledge of computer aided design could now import furniture pieces—straight from IKEA’s furniture catalogues—and design his or her living […]

  • Ten Free CAD Software Alternatives to AutoCAD for Students

    Ten Free CAD Software Alternatives to AutoCAD for Students

    Due to the wide acceptance of our article on the top free CAD software application available to students in the field of graphics design, architecture and engineering, we thought of providing our readers with alternatives to the first 10 software applications—we wrote about— which includes AutoCAD for students. We came up with a ranking system […]

  • BricsCAD – AutoCAD alternative

    BricsCAD – AutoCAD alternative

    BricsCAD is a CAD software featuring DWG files with Advanced 2D and 3D capabilities. This is not a free CAD software. The cheapest version costs around 485USD. There is platinum, pro, and classic version. BricsCAD is definetely an alternative to AutoCAD for lower budget, and it is a nice piece of software for small businesses. […]

  • Free CAD Software

    Free CAD Software

    Amateur graphic designers, animators and sometimes professional CAD users keep two or three software applications that they use to handle different projects and it is not unusual to have one dedicated software tools for modeling characters and another dedicated to only handling renderings and simulations. One may choose to have multiple drafting tools with the […]