How To Integrate AutoCAD Mobile App In Your CAD Business

How To Integrate AutoCAD Mobile App In Your CAD Business

As one of the oldest graphic design software in its class, many companies and individuals worldwide have used computer-aided design (CAD) for years. Because of its accuracy and reputation, various industries rely on it to complete their projects, including architects, computer hardware designers, electrical engineers, and city planners, to name a few.

It is no surprise, then, that the advancements in information technology (IT) applications that made everything else more mobile and remotely accessible have contributed to the design of the AutoCAD mobile application. Some of these applications are famed for having fewer features than the computerized versions, but with AutoCAD, the essentials make working remotely a breeze.

Professionals who tend to work away from their office setting have found numerous ways to incorporate the mobile app into their daily routine, and here are some ways they successfully do so:

1. Use It Anywhere At Anytime

One of the best perks of having the AutoCAD mobile app is that it connects to a cloud-based IT system effortlessly. It gives professionals the freedom to visit a site and adjust their plans at any time. The connection to the system is convenient for uploading new changes, but what if there is no internet connectivity at the site?

That is also not a problem for the AutoCAD app, as the changes are saved to the local device until an internet connection becomes available to sync the information. A good IT management solution would be the key to making this application work effortlessly from anywhere. 

A company that manages IT requirements can quickly achieve this, making everything run smoothly. If you’re one of our followers in Chicago, for example, Professionals in their field, like, will ensure that everything is set up and in place, providing fast, efficient service when professionals need assistance on site.

2. Edit Previously Drawn Plans Onsite

Before mobile applications, the architect, engineer or designer had to visit their clients, discuss the plans’ changes or refinements, and write them down by drawing or noting them on a separate piece of paper. These individuals were known for carrying large cases to hold their drawings or multiple tubes where rolled-up plans could fit in.

Switching to the app has made their task much easier as they don’t even need to have the client present. Changes made on site can be saved and sent to the client to review while waiting for their reply. Doing this improves the timeline for the project and ensures that professionals finish on time.

Another feature that works well from a remote location is layering. Professionals can access each layer and work on them from the site without encountering any issues and save each individually.

3. Add Texts Or Captions By Voice

The mobile application makes adding notes or captions to the plans simpler with the addition of voice commands. Instead of typing out everything on a tiny phone screen, the user can allocate the information to the correct part of the drawing without lifting a finger.

This feature makes the mobile app useful when walking around onsite and doesn’t have a designated workstation. Many professionals like engineers had to take their bulky laptops everywhere before the mobile application, but now they don’t have to.

Many professionals were initially concerned about the screen size of the mobile device when compared to the size of their plans. Luckily, the voice function overcomes this challenge. 

4. Collaborate With Others

Completing projects could rely on the expertise of more than one professional that collaborates with others for the best results. Various people could use AutoCAD tools to streamline their operations. It saves the company and individuals valuable time and resources they can apply elsewhere during the project.

AutoCAD Mobile App
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Companies in a specific field like civil engineering have tools designed for their line of work, and other parts of the team can implement theirs on the same project. The mobile app is compatible with most of these tools and should effortlessly display all the different elements of the designs.

Collaborating with others has never been easy, primarily when all the parties can communicate in real time by working on the same plan. As long as all the parties have a good internet connection, they can discuss the relevant changes without having to be together onsite.


Anyone working with plans or designs would know a CAD program to complete their tasks. Without it, they would have to put in hours of tedious drawing with pencil and paper, especially when there are multiple layers to the project.

Thanks to the advent of mobile technology, all these professionals can do their jobs more swiftly and even collaborate. The AutoCAD mobile application has many features that make it perfect for streamlining projects and designs.

Simultaneously working on the same page can save everyone valuable time and effort. In a world where everything else around us is becoming more convenient, why shouldn’t the design process be the same?



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