AutoCAD 3D tutorial for beginners

This is the first post of a series of 10 posts in which I intend to go through 10 3D CAD exercises for CAD beginners. In this series I will be using AutoCAD, a free version of this software is available for download on AutoDesk website.

I suggest for you to have a look at these 2D AutoCAD exercises before diving into this session.

The image below displays what we will try to draw today.


Step 1

Draw the figures below.


Step 2

After drawing A and B, use the REGION command to unite all the pieces.

To use the REGION command:

  1. Write REGION
  2. Hit ENTER on your keyboard
  3. Select all lines
  4. Hit ENTER

After using the REGION command, Use the EXTRUDE command on A with 25 and on B with 10.

Step 3

Use the FREE ORBIT option to place yourself in the view similar to the one below.


Step 4

Make sure your settings are correct in order to be able to MOVE the B figure from the center of the line shown with the red arrow to the center on A figure of the line pointed with the red arrow. After doing so, the figure should look similar to the one below.


Using the UNION command

  1. UNION
  2. Select objects: Specify opposite corner: 1 found “Select A”
  3. Select objects: 1 found, 2 total “Select B”
  4. “Hit ENTER”

Step 5

Use the UNION command to unite A and B together.


Step 6

Use the FILLET command to get the four rounded corners with a radius of 5.


Using the FILLET command

  2. Current settings: Mode = TRIM, Radius = 5.0000
    Select first object or [Undo/Polyline/Radius/Trim/Multiple]: “Select object”
  3. Enter fillet radius or [Expression] <0.0000>: 5
  4. Select an edge or [Chain/Radius]: “Select the edge”
  5. 1 edge(s) selected for fillet.

I hope these posts help you learn more and at the same time, give you a start in 3D CAD. Feel free to share your thoughts below


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