Author: Aris Tchoukoualeu

  • AutoCAD Malware: 4 Things To Know

    AutoCAD Malware: 4 Things To Know

    In 2017, while the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge was under construction, one of the project computers was hit with a ransomware attack. This malicious act allowed perpetrators to lock crucial project files and demand ransom for unlocking them. When project managers reported it to the authorities, the perpetrators deleted some of the files in response. The […]

  • Useful Advice To Get More Clients As A CAD Freelancer

    Useful Advice To Get More Clients As A CAD Freelancer

    CAD freelancing is a lucrative activity, and many people are opting for it these days. If you know your way around and can work well with clients, this may be a career for you. Getting your client’s attention is quite challenging, but there are some tricks that you can use to win them over. Initially, […]

  • AutoCAD: 5 Tips For Optimal Performance

    AutoCAD: 5 Tips For Optimal Performance

    AutoCAD, the popular computer-aided design program by Autodesk, speeds up and simplifies the design process for 2D and 3D digital designs. It also enables cloud-based file storage, making it possible to access them from anywhere at any time. CAD Designers know how frustrating it can be to work with software or hardware that isn’t up […]

  • Best Ways to Collaborate on a CAD Project When You’re Working At Home

    Best Ways to Collaborate on a CAD Project When You’re Working At Home

    CAD stands for Computer Aid Design, and it is the use of computers to help create a design. This software increases the designer’s productivity and innovation; designs created via CAD software help keep products safe.  CAD is mainly available in the form of electric files. AutoCAD is a tool that lets engineers turn their ideas […]

  • Understanding CAD in CNC Manufacturing and its Advantages

    Understanding CAD in CNC Manufacturing and its Advantages

    CAD and CNC manufacturing go hand in hand, with the former being used to define the operations that are executed by the latter. As these two technologies are typically used in tandem, understanding this relationship, and appreciating the benefits that it delivers is necessary for any manufacturer that hopes to take full advantage. To that […]

  • 9 Ideas to Help CAD Designers Become More Organized

    9 Ideas to Help CAD Designers Become More Organized

    Being a CAD or a graphic designer sometimes means that you have to juggle multiple projects at the same time. While that is something one can get used to over time, not everyone can adjust as soon as they start. Your employer could be giving you more work than you expected. Or maybe you are […]

  • How to Plan A Weldment?

    How to Plan A Weldment?

    Planning a weldment seems easy, but people often make numerous risky mistakes. Before planning, cost estimation, or production, you have to find out the condition of your metal, the thickness of the material, and the position of the parts. Remember, welding should be in a flat arrangement so ensure their position before starting a job. […]

  • Furniture design – Dining table

    Furniture design – Dining table

    With the aim of helping you try harder in the area of Computer aided furniture design, I am coming up today with this simple wooden dining table to model and render. The most interesting parts to model in this example are legs. The table top part is in itself the easiest part to model. In […]

  • Home design software

    Home design software

    The release of IKEA’s home design software—the IKEA Home Planner—shook the world of interior decoration as well as the CAD community due to the fact that for the first time, the average individual with no prior knowledge of computer aided design could now import furniture pieces—straight from IKEA’s furniture catalogues—and design his or her living […]

  • Modeling a fan blade

    Modeling a fan blade

    It could be very tricky modeling a fan blade in AutoCAD using basic commands. This will be very difficult to achieve if you have not been playing a lot with surface modeling. Here is a simple step by step tutorial about how you can easily model a fan blade in AutoCAD. Below is the image […]

  • A stability Matlab code

    A stability Matlab code

    If you have ever worked with numerical methods you will know that a major issue with using these methods is not only the exactness of the method but most time, we struggle too with stability of each of the methods. In this post I am simply going to give a Matlab code which you can […]

  • Best Free architecture software

    Best Free architecture software

    Are you looking for good free architecture software to get your small projects done? There is good news for you! There are companies out there offering free architecture software, free to download. Not everyone has spare money to spend on a software, and luckily companies like AutoDesk and Google are taking this “category” into account […]

  • HFSS Antenna Design

    HFSS Antenna Design

    ANSYS HFSS software is one the commonly used modeling software for simulating 3D electromagnetic wave propagation. It is one of the essential tool for engineers involved in project in the field of high-speed electronic and high frequency components. Here is a step by step HFSS Antenna design tutorial performed for the sake of letting beginners […]

  • 3D AutoCAD tips

    3D AutoCAD tips

    Here are some 3D AutoCAD tips for beginners. We will be reviewing three command that could help you extend your skill in modeling using the CAD software AutoCAD. AutoCAD offers a ton of commands, and most time the one we are frequently using are those we already know how to use, failing to explore and […]

  • Furniture design in AutoCAD

    Furniture design in AutoCAD

    What CAD software do you think is suitable for furniture design? What do you think about furniture design in AutoCAD? It is always better to try different CAD software with the same exact project, to be able to not only get a personal opinion but to see which one correspond better to your need. Here […]

  • How to draw a klein bottle in AutoCAD

    How to draw a klein bottle in AutoCAD

    A klein bottle is a closed surface with only one side, formed by passing one end of a tube through the side of the tube and joining it to the other end. (Definition from Google). Here is a tutorial where you will learn how to draw a klein bottle in AutoCAD. I will suggest you […]

  • Ten Free CAD Software Alternatives to AutoCAD for Students

    Ten Free CAD Software Alternatives to AutoCAD for Students

    Due to the wide acceptance of our article on the top free CAD software application available to students in the field of graphics design, architecture and engineering, we thought of providing our readers with alternatives to the first 10 software applications—we wrote about— which includes AutoCAD for students. We came up with a ranking system […]

  • Best Free CAD Software for Beginners

    Best Free CAD Software for Beginners

    Free CAD software for beginners is the topic we will discuss today. As the title states, this is not an article for professional graphic designers but one for the budding architect, the prospective engineer, and the aspiring graphic designer planning to make a name in his or her chosen profession. Knowing what the best CAD […]

  • The Best Free AutoCAD Alternative

    The Best Free AutoCAD Alternative

    While running the last series of 2D AutoCAD exercises, I felt it would be unfair to those who wanted to learn CAD but did not own the AutoCAD software. I am choosing to begin this set of experiments with DraftSight, which I recently installed and in my opinion is one of the best free and […]