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How to use the LOFT command in AutoCAD

The LOFT command is a not very popular command among beginners using AutoCAD but at some point of the learning process, you will the need to learn how to use and play with this command. The LOFT command has many unique features and the results you can

9 Tips you Should Know on your Day 1 of Using AutoCAD

You just installed AutoCAD. What's next? Here are 9 tips and tricks you should learn on your first day. 1. Object Snap To get the menu above, you should right click on 1. Now you are able to configure its settings. I will recommend to start by activating features 2, 3, 4

How to Render in AutoCAD 2011

Rendering get non technical people to better appreciate and understand the design itself. Here is a small tutorial to help beginners model using AutoCAD 2011. Keyshot, Rhino3D, Blender, 3DsMAX, Catia, Solidwork, Inventor, Maya are software who give users a different, “better” experience and image after rendering, but

How to Change the Render Background in AutoCAD

An image can be relatively “ugly” if you fail to use tools appropriately. Here is how you can easily change the render background in AutoCAD. On the picture below, notice the difference between both pictures. the same object rendered in two different way. The results are far

20 Days of 2D AutoCAD exercises #20

Welcome to Day #20, the last day of this series of 2D exercises. It’s been good 20 days we have been working on 2D exercises using AutoCAD, and I can’t be more excited to have compiled this eBook for you, just to help you test what you

20 Days of 2D AutoCAD exercises #19

We are almost at the end of this series of AutoCAD learning exercises. Today, we have a tricky one, and I hope it is really tricky for you. The drawing below is to be replicated using AutoCAD or any other CAD software you may have at hand.

20 Days of 2D AutoCAD exercises #18

Welcome to Day #18. Today's AutoCAD exercise consists of the following. We have this simple figure to replicate given all dimensions. Complementary information Today's exercise have been conceived with the aim to have you use  all what you have learned so far. But we will have to

20 Days of 2D AutoCAD exercises #17

Welcome to 2D AutoCAD exercise Day #17. It's been more than a couple of week we are learning 2D tricks on AutoCAD. Today's exercise is the following. The image below serves as exercise for today. Hint Use the CIRCLE and LINE command to get the following objects.

20 Days of 2D AutoCAD exercises #16

Today, we are going a little banana, but don't be put off, if you were here since Day #1 you actually possess all the skill to come out of this exercise successfully. Here is a simple 2D exercise that I will want us to work on in

20 Days of 2D AutoCAD exercises #15

Welcome to today's exercise. We are getting a little serious today. Today we have this “bent pipe joint” in 2D to draw as an exercise in AutoCAD. You can go ahead a use the HATCH command at the end of the design, nonetheless the more important in

20 Days of 2D AutoCAD exercises #14

today's assignment is the following. We have the image down below to replicate using AutoCAD. You must have noticed the Dashed Thin Lines with Dots. We will not only be using continuous thin lines today, we will be using other types of lines as well. Today, we

20 Days of 2D AutoCAD exercises #13

As promised in the last 2D AutoCAD exercise, I'm bringing this exercise which is an easy one. But remember the objective of this is to master the MIRROR command. Here we go, all data you need to draw have been given. Hint All you need to draw

20 Days of 2D AutoCAD exercises #12

welcome to Day #12. Today, we will try to learn few new stuff. Here we have a simple 2D exercise. I believe you can have this exercise done with no hassle if you have been with me from Day #1. It is true that there are many

20 Days of 2D AutoCAD exercises #11

Welcome to today's play. Here is a simple figure that will serve us today. Again, we will be using tricks we have learned and leaning new tricks as well. I would love to show you the ARRAY command today. I will recommend you look at how to

20 Days of 2D AutoCAD exercises #10

We have reached Day #10, and it is time to bring something tricky to the table to challenge yourself. Here is today's 2D exercise. As you can see, all members are neither vertically positioned nor horizontally positioned. All dimensions are vertical and horizontal. How do you think

20 Days of 2D AutoCAD exercises #9

Today's 2D exercise combines all that we have learned so far in the previous AutoCAD exercises. But I would like us to experiment and learn about the ARC command today. Try to replicate the image below using AutoCAD with all the techniques you have learned so far.

20 Days of 2D AutoCAD exercises #8

Welcome to today's AutoCAD 2D exercise. We have the image below to replicate, and luckily we are given all dimensions, which will make the task simpler. Today's difficulty is simply to learn how to draw a circle with specified radius tangent to two objects. As you can

20 Days of 2D AutoCAD exercises #7

Today's exercise will help us utilize the HATCH command and understand it. One thing that is interesting about this exercise is the “angle game” this exercise will teach you. There is more than a couple of segments in the exercise that will make you use some techniques

20 Days of 2D AutoCAD exercises #6

Today we are going to learn how to use the CHAMFER command. This exercise can be done with everything you learned in the previous AutoCAD exercises, since Day #1. We will add the CHAMFER command as on of your skills today. The CHAMFER command helps us in